Satoru Ozaki the world between us (2019)

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the world between us (2019)
Entitled “the world between us”, Ozaki’s latest sculpture for the wall captures the dynamics between two individuals, of opposites that attract, the ebb and flow of personalities and emotions that one day will unite harmoniously as one. Conservative or liberal, farmer or banker, priest or soldier, sun and moon. In the wild scheme of life, there are always seemingly antagonistic spectrums on completely different sides of the world, the distance between us far too deep and frightening. Yet we are all tugging at the same rope in the tug-of-war that is life, and no divide is too far, too wide to someday overcome and unite as one. The blades of this forged work in stainless steel are almost about to touch, their polished sides juxtaposed between smooth and rough. The world between us is far less than you may think. The gulf subsides, and peace and harmony fills the divide. For Ozaki, the world between us is one that can and will be overcome with the beauty that comes from the sheer beacon that is hope itself.
Hammered, polished stainless steel
H212 x W65 x D52 cm


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