Takafumi Asakura The Manifestation of Light (2020)


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The Manifestation of Light (2020)
Asakura captures the Sun Goddess Amaterasu in all her ebullient energies captured in flowing, roaring
abstraction. His delicate, lyrical calligraphy fills the negative space of this painting with text taken word for word
from an ancient 8th century Japanese book on Shinto mythology, the Kojiki, which tells the tales of the Gods of
Nature. The juxtaposition between abstraction and the traditional material that is black ink, the juxtaposition
between the traditional subject matter and the most contemporary of materials that is aluminium, and the fact
that it is painted on a folding screen, a medium often shunned in today’s Nihonga, all make for a compelling
ode to nature, the gods, and to the day and age we live in now. As with the best of Asakura's paintings, there lies
within an enthralling and potent danger, an utter and immediate urgency of mythic proportions. Epic and
visceral, Asakura’s paintings capture the above and beyond.
Black ink on aluminum leaf, mounted on 4 individual panels
H167 x W330 cm


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