Takafumi Asakura Soaring Dragons in the Sky (2016)

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Soaring Dragons in the Sky (2016)
Asakura takes great care in choosing his essential materials of ink, brush and canvass before painting his elegant abstractions. Yet he is far from a traditionalist, in that his subject matter can range from legendary beasts and Shinto gods to the aforementioned abstract movements within himself. And by taking his paintings onto aluminium, he has been able to compose a post-modern world that is far removed from the storied traditions of paper or silver and gold leaf. Instead, the 21st century calls for a contemporary renaissance in painting, one that takes Nihonga to a new playing field of possibilities. Takafumi Asakura provides the pivotal key to this brave new world in Japanese painting. For his latest four-panel screen on washi Japanese paper painted for TEFAF 2016, Asakura depicts two dragons soaring through the heavens, an almost surrealistic vision of heavenly creatures entwined in either love or war, brimming ebulliently with the energy of Eros and Thanatos. As with the best of Asakura's paintings, there lies within a danger and urgency to the scene that calls to mind tales of mythic proportions.
Black ink on hand-made paper, mounted on a four-panel silk screen
H167 x W330 cm / H65.7 x W129.9 in


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