West Bund Art & Design 2020

2020 11/12(Thu) - 11/15(Sun)

VIP Preview Day (Invite only): 11th November (thu)
Venue: West Bund Art Center, 2555 Longteng Avenue
Xuhui District, Shanghai


West Bund 2020 ended phenomenally for A Lighthouse called Kanata, with the majority of the works sold during the fair which opened to an overwhelming number of visitors from throughout China despite the presence of a global pandemic.

In particular, three major works by Niyoko Ikuta in glass, Satoru Ozaki in stainless steel and Joseph Walsh in ash wood were acquired simultaneously by the world-renowned Long Museum in Shanghai, a museum which had achieved global attention for their brave acquisition of Amedeo Modigliani’s painting ‘Nu couché (Reclining Nude)’ for a world-record 170 million USD in 2015.

Furthermore, another Ikuta work was also sold to the recently founded Jupiter Museum in Shenzhen, marking an incredible total of two public acquisitions for Ikuta-san during the VIP Preview of West Bund. Ikuta-san also sold a third work at the Preview and another one during the fair, continuing a long tradition of sold-out shows as Japan’s leading artist in glass.

Regarding other substantial sales, major works by Sueharu Fukami in porcelain and Nobuyuki Tanaka in lacquer sold during the duration of the fair. It is also worth mentioning that paintings by the young artists Kentaro Sato and Kiyo Hasegawa also sold out during the course of the fair.

Thank you to all our artists for helping us bring such beautiful works to this year’s edition of West Bund. It is a marvelous honour to be able to represent all of you, and for this, we are deeply grateful.

And lastly, to our friends and clients the world over: thank you as always for your kind support of our artists and our aesthetics. We continue to look forward to welcoming you to our presentation at West Bund in 2021!

With deep gratitude,
Wahei, Akira, Ami and Yishu
The West Bund Team at A Lighthouse called Kanata

West Bund (main aisle)
Kanata’s Stand
Overview image of the front part of the stand
From left: Enignum Forma by Joseph Walsh, Céleste IV by Kentaro Sato, the waltz by Satoru Ozaki, View of the Wind by Sueharu Fukami
From left: Skyscraper XLIII by Masaaki Yonemoto, Imaginary Skin I by Nobuyuki Tanaka, Céleste IV by Kentaro Sato, the world between us by Satoru Ozaki, Ku by Niyoko Ikuta, Enignum Forma by Joseph Walsh
From left: View of the Wind by Sueharu Fukami, Serenity VII by Kentaro Sato
From left: Imaginary Skin I by Nobuyuki Tanaka, the world between us by Satoru Ozaki
From left: Shadows Crossing by Keizo Sugitani, Imaginary Skin II by Nobuyuki Tanaka, evoke by Osamu Yokoyama
From left: Skyscraper XLIII by Masaaki Yonemoto, illuminare by Kiyo Hasegawa
From left: both forgotten by Masanori Maeda, ephemera II by Kiyo Hasegawa
Stand filled with visitors
Kanata owner Wahei explaining the works to Ms. Wang Wei, the owner of the Long Museum, Shanghai, China
Kanata owner Wahei being interviewed by SMG, the official media group of Shanghai
Wahei telling the story behind Fukami-san’s work
Wahei and Akira explaining the work by Fukami-san
Akira explaining the techniques of Satoru Ozaki’s work
Akira introducing the work of Kentaro Sato
Yishu explaining the glass work of Niyoko Ikuta to visitors
Yishu explaining the techniques of Satoru Ozaki’s work
Team Kanata (From left: Ami, Yishu, Wahei and Akira)


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