TEFAF Maastricht 2020

2020 3/7(Sat) - 3/15(Sun)

Early Access Day (Invite only) : March 5th (thu), 11am-7pm
VIP Preview Day (Invite only) : March 6th (fri), 11am-7pm
Venue: MECC Maastricht Forum 100
6229 GV Maastricht, The Netherlands
Booth: 237


It is the first few days of March. As the world began to collapse around us, with more and more tales of sadness pervading the air from the streets of urban China to the countryside of rural Italy, with new cases repeatedly reported in Tokyo to New York, from Paris to Hong Kong, the question on the minds of not only Team Yufuku but of all the exhibitors at TEFAF was quite simply: would the show go on?

It did.
And did clients show up?
They did.
And in hindsight, was this a good thing?
I’m still not quite sure!

Firstly, please allow me to express my deepest gratitude to our clients and my team for taking the great risk of coming to Maastricht last month. Despite the circumstances, our presentation was a great success thanks to your support and guidance. And my many thanks and warm applause go out to our artists for providing such wonderful works yet again. I am always so proud to be able to represent your beautiful pieces!

TEFAF Maastricht (main aisle)

Secondly, I would like to extend my support and gratitude to the organisers of TEFAF for not only their bravery in going on with the fair, but for their bravery in ending the fair at that exact moment in time. These were unquestionably difficult decisions to make, and I think TEFAF had executed them with both courage and grace.

It is quite easy to criticise TEFAF for going ahead with the fair, esp. with the knowledge we have now. Yet I assure you that each and every exhibitor who manned a stand had fully grasped the gravity of the situation, and ultimately, it can be said that the first 4 days of the fair were quite safe, surprisingly productive, and was fully approved not only by the Dutch government, but by the exhibitors themselves. Thus, to point fingers is rather easy ex post facto, but at that point in time, it did feel right.

Yufuku’s stand

As always, the spiralling glass sculptures of Niyoko Ikuta sold out quickly, as well as works by Ken Mihara, Takafumi Asakura, and Masaaki Yonemoto, among others. And the painter Kentaro Sato was again one of the stars of the show, with his “Four Seasons” in black (Winter), green (Spring), blue (Summer) and red (Autumn) captivating audiences for their sublime depth and scale. And Satoru Ozaki’s forged and polished stainless steel sculpture “The Horizon” was without question one of the most powerful statements at our stand this year.

A round of applause goes to Kumiko, our director, for her beautiful stand design, which was widely admired by our visitors as our best design ever (tall ceilings did the trick!), and of course, for always being by my side at TEFAF since our debut in 2013. You are the very reason this is all possible!

And congratulations to Akira, Takeshi and Ami for their 2nd time in Maastricht, which I imagine was quite different from their visit to TEFAF last year. You’ve all matured greatly, and I had a tremendous time working with you at this year’s TEFAF.

Ultimately, TEFAF Maastricht 2020 would be the last time that Yufuku’s name would herald our stand. Next year, we look forward to the debut of our new moniker, A Lighthouse called Kanata, at TEFAF 2021. We hope to see you there!

Overview image of the front part of the stand
From left : Skyscraper by Masaaki Yonemoto, The Origin of the Wind by Takafumi Asakura, FLOW V by Nobuyuki Tanaka.
From left : the sanctuary by Kiyo Hasegawa, The Horizon by Satoru Ozaki, Shadows Crossing by Keizo Sugitani
From left : Ku-140 by Niyoko Ikuta, Into the Calm II by Kentaro Sato, amorphous by Osamu Yokoyama
Overview image of the back part of the stand
Sculptures from left : Ocean Waves by Takahiro Iede, Cadenza IV by Kosuke Kato, Shirushi (Vision) by Naoki Takeyama. Painting : Céleste V by Kentaro Sato
From left : amorphous by Osamu Yokoyama, the sanctuary by Kiyo Hasegawa
Stand filled with visitors
A tour group visited every day during the fair to enjoying Niyoko Ikuta’s glass work
Kumiko telling the story behind the sculpture “The Horizon” by Satoru Ozaki
Takeshi explaining the techniques of Takahiro Iede’s metal work
Akira enjoying the painting by Kentaro Sato with visitors
Ami explaining the techniques of Niyoko Ikuta’s glass work
Yufuku owner Wahei being interviewed by TEFAF’s official TV
Team Yufuku (From left: Takeshi, Akira, Wahei, Kumiko, and Ami)


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