TEFAF Maastricht 2017

2017 3/10(Fri) - 3/19(Sun)

VIP preview: March 9th (Thu)
Venue: MECC Maastricht Forum 100
6229 GV Maastricht, The Netherlands
Booth: 237 (new location)


Record-breaking is an understatement to describe the tremendous results of Yufuku’s stand at TEFAF Maastricht 2017, with over 35 of 40 major works sold. Yufuku owner Wahei Aoyama says, “It is without question that this year’s Maastricht was the best sales I have ever recorded in 14 years in the business.”

Works by leading Yufuku artists such as Ken Mihara, Niyoko Ikuta, Akihiro Maeta and Takahiro Yede all sold out during the VIP preview, while newcomers such as Hidenori Tsumori, Kanjiro Moriyama and Kosuke Kato, as well as the younger generation of Yufuku artists such as Naoki Takeyama, Sachi Fujikake and Masaaki Yonemoto, all sold out during the 10-day show. Other artists who completely sold out were Satoru Ozaki, Takafumi Asakura, Keizo Sugitani, Shigekazu Nagae, Kazumi Nagano and Yoshiro Kimura, capping off an impressive tally of over 17 artists who sold out the entirety of their works at TEFAF.

Key sales were the epic, 2-meter sculpture by Satoru Ozaki selling within the first 10 minutes of the VIP opening, while Takafumi Asakura’s largest painting ever, a 5-meter-long folding screen of a great old pine, selling to a major private collection in NYC. And lastly, perhaps the most exceptional painting from Kumi Sugai’s Paris period, SHYORI (1959), sold to a major private collection in Belgium, thereby proving that this year’s TEFAF was like no other.

Stand filled with visitors
Kumiko disccussing the works of Niyoko Ikuta
Ren explaining the technique of Naoki Takeyama
Ren comparing the two Yonemoto works
Kumiko admiring the Asakura screen with a client
Maho enjoying the work by Ikuta with a client
Works by Niyoko Ikuta were the talk of the show
His Excellency Mr Hiroshi Inomata (Ambassador of Japan to the Netherlands) visiting Yufuku's stand
Wahei giving a lecture to clients
The young artists Kanjiro Moriyama and Kosuke Kato with their works and Wahei
Mr and Mrs Ken Mihara at TEFAF
Team TEFAF (Elias, Wahei, Ren, Maho and Kumiko)

With this momentum at their heels, Team Yufuku now look forward to bringing the aesthetics of contemporary Japan to a brand-new fair at the inaugural edition of TEFAF NY Spring. We do hope you will take the time to say hello and enjoy the latest works by our contemporary Japanese artists.


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