Keizo Sugitani

Silent Shadows – Keizo Sugitani Solo Exhibition

2022 1 /13 (thu) ~ 2 /12 (sat)

11:00 - 18:00, closed Sun / Mon, National Holidays
Artist present: Jan. 13th (Thu) - 15th (Sat)



Silent Shadows by Keizo Sugitani (2022)

The difference between film and theater becomes clearer when placed through the mind’s eye of the viewer. With film, it is much easier to show a scene of the beach, as you can simply go to the seashore and film. Yet with a theatrical performance, the actor must help the audience visualize the ocean by providing non-visual cues, such as the sound of seagulls and waves, along with visual cues, such as dialogue and acting that would indicate that they are at the beach. This puts great importance on the actor’s performance. An exceptionally talented actor can make their audience so deeply engaged in the performance that they forget they are in a theater. As they begin to believe they are actually at the beach, some may even start to smell the briny scent of the sea. 

This may sound a bit vain, but I believe that my works too elicit great imagination from my audience, much like that talented actor. Moreover, I am the actor, and my works are the performance. I have left the interpretation up to the viewer, allowing each person to view my works from their own perspective, to come up with their own unique narrative. With an art-form as free as ceramics, there are infinite interpretations that the viewer can make. 

So, how should the viewer interpret my works? 

The answer to this question, then, is to allow the viewer to envision their own renditions from the subtle cues I leave in my works. This approach has been my recent preoccupation, perhaps due to myself getting older. 

I have deep gratitude towards everyone at A Lighthouse called Kanata, as they have always allowed me to enjoy playing this particular role in my own theater: something I would not be able to do elsewhere. Ultimately, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Gallery who has given me this incredible opportunity. 

– Keizo Sugitani

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