Neiges Éternelles – Akihiro Maeta Solo Exhibition @Paris

2024 4/25 (Thu) - 5/25 (Sat)

2024 4/25 (Thu) - 5/25 (Sat)
10 am. 〜 6 pm.
from Tuesday to Saturday

20 Rue Amélie, 75007 Paris


When I first began studying ceramics, I was deeply moved by the boldness of the vessel form within unadorned white porcelain, shorn of any colour or embellishments. This became the impetus for me to delve into the creation of white porcelain alone.

Why must I create white porcelain, and what exactly is white porcelain in the first place?  While thinking of these existential questions through both form and glazing, I work every day in creating white porcelain. I live in a humid climate with mild sunshine, yet in winter there is sometimes so much snow that the mountains and fields are completely covered in white. It is an extraordinary sight, and I am always moved by it. I can almost feel the changing of colours within white itself, reflected by the soft lights and shadows that emerge on the surfaces of my white porcelain, and at these times, I realise that I too have been deeply influenced by the climate and the environs of my hometown.

As I continue to make white porcelain, I have come to believe that the absence of adornments and colour is more a matter of subtraction rather than addition. This is much like the omission of superfluous things in Japanese “tanka” and “haiku” poetry. The beauty of leaving things left unsaid in Japanese culture has its own unique world that cannot be reached by adding decorative elements, and I hope to express the same minimal aesthetics within my white porcelain.

This is my first solo exhibition in Paris. I am nervous and at the same time excited to see how my white porcelain works will be received. I sincerely hope you will enjoy this exhibition to the fullest.

Akihiro Maeta

I have cherished the soft white porcelain of Living National Treasure Akihiro Maeta for nearly 20 years, and time and time again, have been spellbound by the beauty within his world of white. His glazes are like freshly fallen snow, and his subtle curves and serene silhouettes are the very embodiment of perfection within minimalism.

I fondly recall introducing the artist to a French audience for the very first time at the Vallauris Biennale in 2012, organised together with the Musee Picasso in Vallauris and the British Museum in London. The artist travelled to France and spent a week in the South of France, taking the time teaching pottery to the students of Vallauris. He thoroughly enjoyed his time in the Cote d’Azur, and had fallen deeply in love with France. For this reason, it is my great honour to be able to reintroduce him to the beauty of France, esp. with this being his very first solo exhibition outside of Japan.

Both the artist and I extend our deep gratitude to the wonderful team at Galerie Mayaro for this special opportunity to hold the first exhibition of Akihiro Maeta in Paris.

With deep gratitude,

Wahei Aoyama


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