INFINI – Infinity in Material

2024 4/4 (Thu) - 4/27 (Sat)

Kan Yasuda / Sueharu Fukami / Eiko Kishi / Ken Mihara / Nobuyuki Tanaka / Masanori Maeda / Sachiko Oshima / Naoki Takeyama / Yoko Togashi / Chiko Takei /
Osamu Yokoyama / Sachi Fujikake / Masaaki Yonemoto / Ayane Mikagi / Kosuke Kato / Shohei Yokoyama / Kentaro Sato / Yasutaka Baba / Nagisa Shirai

April 4th (Thu) – 27th (Sat), 2024
11am - 6pm, closed Sun/Mon
Venue: A Lighthouse called Kanata


INFINI - Infinity in Material

Auguries of Innocence

by William Blake

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour”

The poem “Auguries of Innocence” by William Blake begins with a very Zen proposition – it encourages one to discover an entire universe in an otherwise miniscule, abundant and austere particle of grit. It is easier said than done. But I have always been fascinated by this way of thinking, that myriad mysteries were hidden in the tiniest of corners, and that great beauty can be found in virtually anything – if one only took the time to turn the stones over.

To hold in one’s hand something so boundless as the infinitival, and to embrace that fleeting and allusive moment of beauty that we call the eternal. Is this not what great artists aspire to achieve in the art they make? And is this not what the artists affiliated with Kanata strive to create from the materials and techniques at their disposal? To transcend time and space, the borders of nations, to melt down the divides that tear mankind apart, where religions and ethnicities, language and culture disappear and disintegrate into utter insignficance. Is this not why we make art? To let us forget, for that just one moment, the infinite loneliness of our very existence, to pacify and to heal, to bring us together, a harmony forged from the embers of the beautiful.

A Lighthouse called Kanata proudly presents the group exhibition “INFINI – Infinity in Material”, wherein the contemporary artists of Kanata push the limits of their materials to new heights, using their deep knowledge and unequivocal love of their material to unlock, enhance, and transform clay, glass, paper and other everyday materials into something beautiful, by wielding vigourous innovations in techniques and the highest standards of craftsmanship. To explore and inspire the depths of materiality through art – the creative spirit of these artists show no limits. Infinity, indeed.

Wahei Aoyama
A Lighthouse called Kanata


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